Aluminium Wads



We manufacture   high quality aluminium foil lids that are immensely used in food and dairy industry. We use different sealing lacquers for each of these seals. This seals are used in different types such as-HDPE, PP, PET, GLASS, PVC AND PS. Our objective is to provide 100% Leak Proof sealing at the most economical cost.


1.All material  manufactured, is of food grade standard

2.Punched on Fully Automatic punching unit with on-line embossing, which ensures easy separation when used on automatic sealing machines.

3.Very Hygienic since punched, counted, stacked & packed automatically.

4.Special sizes are available as required by the consumer.

5.Manufactured in clean room and in dust free environment.

6.Attractive Multicolour Printing Options Size & Dimensional accuracy



Availability in ranges of –

Thickness – 20 mm – 40 mic

Diameter – 15 mm – 220 mm


USED IN INDUSTRIES: – food, dairy and confectionaries industry